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About Unnati Foundation

Unnati foundation organization is established in September 2019.The purpose to register this organization to do social work on a wide scale.Unnati foundation is working especially on project for "Human Sex Trafficking and Child Labor".We are willing to give a helping hand to rescue the sexually abused girls and women who have been trapped forcefully in prostitution.Today's children are the bright future of our country. It's our responsibility to save the little lives from child labor.

Here we are with the compassion filled heart for poor and needy people in society around us. We would like to provide them help for the basic needs like food, clothes and shelter. Today many people suffering from cancer came to Mumbai for their treatments. They are feeling helpless in this big city. We are working to help them as well.





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Join us and be the part of our organization so that together we can save a life and make them smile once again.


Our Vision and Mission

To set the lives free fromslavery and make them happy through our organization.

Sex trafficking is a crime when women or minor girls under age of 18 are forcefully involved in commercial sex acts. Worldwide, false promises like false employment opportunities, fake marriage promises, kidnapping are usually done to trap the victims by traffickers.


We recue the sold out girls for prostitution with the help of police.

FIR will be filled against the accuse related with the rescue operation. The victim will get justice from legislative provisions of government justice system through Unnati foundation.

Rehabilitation will be done by helping the victims ,to become them socially and self-reliant.Unnati foundation will provide them education and technical courses to create earning source for become financial stability.

Child labor's are working as slave because of the exploitation from the accuse for forced labor services.Also the children begging forcefully as they are getting harmed physically and mentally by the accuse. We will rescue them with the help of Government authorities.

Unnati Foundation will provide them education and good medical facilities.

Early encounter means to save the women, child, girl before being trafficked. When we see around at the bus stops or train stations, public transport places some suspicious activities then easily we can recognize victims. Then as an immediate action, we will inform the police to verify and rescue before sold out. This is called an Early encounter. Victims who have managed to escape from their traffickers or from the place to which they were sold-These women or children are often found wandering near bus stands and train stations seeking a way to return to their families.

Children, who for whatever reason, end up being forced from home or have left home and are usually found on the train station platforms. They usually join the group of similar circumstances and started a life with pity crime, substance abuse, begging, occasional work, violence, and sex. They often end up their lives with sickness, injuries, HIV, pregnant or even dead.

Early encounter is a strategy that hopes to meet the children as they are being trafficked, abused at entry points and provide them with the assistance they need while they are just children and children of streets.

When the child sometimes left their own home for any reason they soon become part of street life. By reaching out to these victims we can save their lives by doing early encounters.

We will find out the missing person (women, child, girls) through the information from network NGO’s. Sometimes when a person is being trafficked their families are unaware of this. Hence they file missing complaints of them in local police stations. When we get any information from the police with legal documents then we start our work. When we get a link between the people going missing from source areas to the subsequent sale as victims of human trafficking in-demand areas, by the setting up of the missing person network to trace trafficked victims. We search them in this trafficking field with the help of informers by showing victims photographs to them. Once the victim identified then we rescue them with the help of Police.

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